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THE BOOK OF FRIENDLY FAIRIES - 15 Fantasy and Fairy stories for children

Johnny Gruelle

THE BOOK OF FRIENDLY FAIRIES - 15 Fantasy and Fairy stories for children

eBook (Abela Publishing June 25, 2020)
'Friendly Fairies' was written and illustrated by Johnny Gruelle (1880 - 1930). Gruelle was an American artist and political cartoonist, as well as a children's book illustrator and author. He is best known for introducing the world to 'Raggedy Ann’ and ‘Raggedy Andy’.

This particular book does not feature Raggedy Ann, instead presents fifteen unique fairy stories, including:
'The Three Little Gnomes',
'Mr and Mrs Thumbkins',
'The Wishbone',
'Tim Tim TamyTam,'
'A Change of Coats' plus many more.

The 55+ colour illustrations by Gruelle will ensure that young minds will be captivated, if not by the stories, then by the illustrations.
Together, the stories provide entertainment as well as moral lessons for young audiences; be kind to those you meet, always be generous, and help those who need it.

Hard copy first editions are sought by collectors; this resurrected ebook showcases Gruelle's original text, which is further enhanced by his wonderful colour drawings, which in themselves have been made more vibrant, in order that the two may be fully appreciated by young and old alike.
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