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Harbor Ice
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K.D. Mason
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Bigwig Books
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K.D. Mason

Harbor Ice

eBook (Bigwig Books March 15, 2012)

A dead woman under the ice. A friend in need. Jack Beale's peaceful life is about to erupt into mystery and intrigue.

When a woman's body is found under a slab of ice in the New Hampshire coastal town of Rye Harbor, the discovery triggers a series of events that will eventually threaten the life of Max, the feisty redheaded bartender at Ben's Place, and others as well.

It is up to her best friend, Jack Beale, to unravel the mystery that takes them from coastal New England to Taos, New Mexico and Switzerland.

"A sharp thriller adorned with a genuine romance, compelling characters, and a few refreshing happy hours"--Derek Nikita, author of Pyres, an Edgar Award nominee for Best First Novel

"Get ready to guess--and guess again--and yet again as Harbor Ice raises the hair on the back of your neck time after time. A must read!"--Bruce Valley author of Seahawk and Rye Harbor and other Poems of the Seacoast.

About the Author

K.D. Mason lives on the coast of New Hampshire. A lifetime of working in the restaurant business and sailing in the Caribbean and New England has given him a wealth of story ideas. He is the author of ten books featuring Jack Beale.