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Dirty Gert
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Tedd Arnold
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Holiday House
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Age 4-8
Grade PK-3

Tedd Arnold

Dirty Gert

Paperback (Holiday House Jan. 15, 2014) , Illustrated Edition
Gert loves dirt. She rolls in it, digs in it, even tastes it.

But one day, while she's making mud pies, all that dirt changes her. Gert sprouts leaves, grows roots, and begins to photosynthesize in the sunlight! Gert is delighted, but the neighborhood can’t believe it. . . and soon the notoriety becomes too much for the grungy, green girl.

Luckily, Mom and Dad know just what to do!

Told in rhythm and rhyme and full of fun, tongue-twisting vocabulary, Dirty Gert is a celebration of individuality and unconditional love. . . and, of course, of the fun of playing in the dirt. Tedd Arnold’s cartoonish illustrations—complete with a cast of whispering worm commentators—express the joy of making mudpies, playing with worms, and most importantly, spending time with your loving family.
0823430545 / 9780823430543
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9.94 x 0.12 in.

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