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Little Blue and Little Red

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Nora Luke, Elaine Cashmore

Little Blue and Little Red

Audible Audiobook (Nora Luke Dec. 13, 2018)

Little Blue and Little Red is a rhyming bedtime story to delight young children.

Little Blue loves driving around near his home. One day, traveling along a quiet road, he sees another car just like him, but red instead of blue. He helps the car called Little Red who has broken down, and the two of them later become firm friends.

Young children will easily identify with Little Blue as he helps someone in trouble and does a good deed. Parents and teachers can also use Little Blue and Little Red to teach children about the importance of helping others, learning from life experiences, making new friends when you least expect it, and the enduring strength of personal relationships.

Little Blue and Little Red is ideal to enjoy at bedtime with younger children, although older children will also enjoy listening to the story on their own. Whatever their age, every child is sure to enjoy Little Blue's latest adventure.

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