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I am Blop!
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Hervé Tullet
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Phaidon Press
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Age 5-6
Grade PK-1

Hervé Tullet

I am Blop!

Hardcover (Phaidon Press March 5, 2013) , BRDBK edition
Welcome to the world of Blop! A Blop is a simple shape, somewhere between a flower and a butterfly, a sponge and a drawing of a little man -- above all Blop is whatever you want it to be. Using very few woods and handwritten text I AM BLOP! explore many concepts encountered for the first time by young children, including up and down, single and plural, individual and family, city and countryside etc. This single shape represents anything a child's mind can imagine. With 110 illustrations in varying colors and patterns, little or sometimes no words at all, each page has a unique Blop that brigs a whole new dimension to children's reading. I AM BLOP! is an invitation to discover and explore everyday life and hundreds of ideas through one simple shape.
0714865338 / 9780714865331
17.6 oz.
7.0 x 0.8 in.

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