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LJ Andrews

Island of Bones

Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform May 12, 2017) , 1 edition
They Pillage. They Plunder. They Kill. Nova is a prisoner aboard the pirate ship, Star’s Vengeance. Betrayed by Smythe’s crew, she is now forced to help the black-hearted captain on his quest to the Djinn treasure. But what Smythe doesn’t realize —Nova isn’t an ordinary girl. After finding a ledger written by her father, Nova learns more about her family’s secret past. She joins with three unlikely allies to find the treasure first, and stop Captain Smythe once and for all. The first task—find the temple spyglass on the deadly, Island of Bones. But succumbing to the darkness within her is getting harder to resist. Each step closer to the temple, drags Nova deeper into the life of a pirate. When a beautiful woman in white reaches her through her mind, Nova is forced to believe that stories she once thought to be fairytales may actually be true. Nova must decide who to trust before she loses herself to the darkness and is enslaved aboard the Star’s Vengeance forever. Join the crew and continue with the exciting fantasy adventure of the Djinn Kingdom
The Djinn Kingdom (Book 2)
1546661867 / 9781546661863
19.2 oz.
6.0 x 0.8 in.

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