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LJ Andrews

Embers of Resistance

Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform June 26, 2018) , 1 edition
She had hope. He had hatred. Together they might change everything. Adira is a traitor to the Citadel. As a prisoner of the shadow assassins she did something unthinkable. She has a choice: run or become the leader the Uprising needs. Either way, she probably won’t survive. Dominus Kage will never be the same. He should never have told Adira his real name. Now everything he created as the leader of the assassins is unraveling. She wants him to be a leader, to be a force for good. But she doesn’t know how deep the dark scars go. Hope is a fairy tale. There is no hope anymore. It’s better to be feared. Will a reluctant heroine make an unlikely hero out of a villain? Read it today.
The Awakened (Book 2)
1721983066 / 9781721983063
20.8 oz.
6.0 x 0.9 in.

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