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Finding Tinker Bell: Books #1-6

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Age 6-9
Grade 1-4

Kiki Thorpe, Jana Christy

Finding Tinker Bell: Books #1-6

Paperback (RH/Disney Sept. 22, 2020)
The New York Times bestselling Disney: The Never Girls series continues with an adventure beyond Never Land in the Finding Tinker Bell series--now all together in one paperback boxed set!

When Tinker Bell sets out on a trip beyond Never Land and disappears, it's up to the Never Girls--Kate, Mia, Lainey, and Gabby--to find their missing fairy friend. A great gift for readers ages 6-10, this attractive box contains all six Never Girls adventures in the Finding Tinker Bell series: Beyond Never Land, Through the Dark Forest, On the Lost Coast, Up the Misty Peak, To the Forgotten Castle, and The Last Journey.

Kate craves adventure and excitement.
Mia loves dresses, roses, and anything beautiful.
Lainey dreams of talking to animals.
Gabby believes in fairies more than anyone.

Together, they are The Never Girls--four real girls in a fairy's world!
Never Girls
0736441271 / 9780736441278
89.6 oz.
5.2 x 7.6 in.

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