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The Ultimate Book of Dinosaurs

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The Ultimate Book of Dinosaurs

Hardcover (Demsey Parr March 15, 2000) , First Published in 2000 edition
The Ultimate Book of Dinosaurs. 256 pages. Hardcover. Over size. Copyright 2000 Parragon Publishing. First published in 2000. Printed in Germany. By Paul Dowswell, et al. Editor Katie Orchard. ISBN 0-75253-759-8. "Everything you always wanted to know about dinosaurs---but were too terrified to ask. All the dinosaurs you've heard of - and many more that you haven't - are lurking inside on the beautifully illustrated pages of this book. Come and explore the colourful world of dinosaurs, from the most enormous to the tiniest, from the fiercest meat-eating monster to the gentlest plant eater. Find out what they looked like, where they live, what they ate and much, much more. (from book)"
0755000463 / 9780752537597
73.6 oz.
13.4 x 9.7 in.

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