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If I Were...
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M George
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Gatekeeper Press
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M George

If I Were...

Hardcover (Gatekeeper Press June 7, 2016)
The story begins with mom putting her little boy to bed. She sees a bluebird on the windowsill, and starts by asking her son: 'If you were a bird, and I were a tree, would you come to see me?'

"If I Were..." unfolds with illustrations into the night, helping to usher your own little one into sweet dreams.

This is a charming, feel-good story that can be enjoyed by children of any age!

"If I Were..." emphasizes the unbreakable bond between a mother and her child, while highlighting an underlying message to love and appreciate our home, planet Earth; as well as all of the beautiful places and things that inhabit it. The illustrations are bright, playful, thoughtful and sweet.

About the Author

Megan George is the youngest of seven children, the second-mother of two nieces and two nephews, and the devoted mistress of two wonderful cats. To this day, her fondest memories are of reading bedtime stories by lamplight with her Mom and older sister. These memories continue to inform and inspire her artistic aspirations. Megan has always been in love with art and literature, and she's been writing and illustrating her own stories since she was seven years old. her poetry was first published at age twelve. Though "If I Were..." is the first of her stories to be published, she is currently in the process of brewing further word wizardry and honing her pictorial prowess as a Sorceress of the Imagination. When she isn't concocting or incanting something at home, Megan can be found listening to the secrets spoken by the vast silence of the famed Red Rock Country or drinking in the sounds of the river that rushes through the Rocky Mountains, down the canyon and past her back door in Provo, Utah. Megan recently discovered that she can grow not only stories but also a garden, and her thumb is getting greener by the season. She adores travel and hopes for the opportunity to explore the outside world as extensively as she has the inside world of her own soul. Last, Megan is a devotee of Life and all its creations, and a passionate and perpetual student of knowledge as she encounters it through higher education, the natural world, and her sincere spiritual and intellectual inquiry.

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8.5 x 0.2 in.

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