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What on Earth Is A... - Pangolin

Age 7+
Grade 2-4

Edward R. Ricciuti

What on Earth Is A... - Pangolin

Hardcover (Blackbirch Press Oct. 1, 1994) , 1 edition
Would you know a quokka if you saw one? How about a tuatara or pangolin? These are not exactly household words, but they are a few of the many fascinating and curious creatures featured in the What on Earth series. Each volume fully explores the lifestyles and habitats of animals that few people even know exist. Simple, concise text covers the animal's classification, its unique characteristics, its methods of survival, what the animal eats and who eats it, reproduction and care of the young, conservation issues, and the relationship of the animal to humans. Each book's large size and stunning, full-color photographs bring these remarkable subjects to life. A glossary, further reading list, map, and index make What on Earth books as educational as they are fun!
What on Earth Is A...
1567110908 / 9781567110906
10.9 oz.
8.2 x 0.2 in.

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