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The Backyard Series: Volume One

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Grade 1-2

Sandra Lee Richardson

The Backyard Series: Volume One

Paperback (PublishAmerica April 13, 2009)
Growing up in Los Angles, California, my major influences were my family, neighborhood vendors, teachers and friends. Dorothy and William A.C. blessed me with the ability to express my feeling positively with pen and paint. My art, which had once been called junk, will now be treasured by many. There are three main characters in The Backyard Series volumes of children’s poetry picture books. Introduced as follows: Lula D. Jackson, Momma, a separated domestic worker; Tommas D. Jackson Jr, Tommy, her son, age six; and Tammas Jackson, Tammy, her daughter, age eight. For many families, their front porches, living rooms or kitchen tables are the places where they would gather to eat and discuss family matters and business, but for the Jackson family the backyard is the place where most everything in their lives transpires.
Backyard (Book 1)
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