Age 7-9
Grade 2+

Henry Winkler, Lin Oliver, Carol Heyer, Jesse Joshua Watson

Holy Enchilada!

Library Binding (Perfection Learning Aug. 1, 2004)
PS 87 is having multicultural week, and Ms. Adolf's class is putting on a "Foods from Around the World" luncheon. Hank is thrilled&150no reading, no outlining, and no review questions, just cooking! Hank makes enchiladas, and at the luncheon, Ms. Adolf piles her plate with lots of food. But after a few bites, her face turns bright red&150one of the dishes is super-spicy! Ms. Adolf accuses someone of playing a mean practical joke, and punishes the entire class with no recess until the guilty party comes forward. Hank realizes his trouble with numbers might have caused the problem&150what if he accidentally used three cups of peppers instead of 1/3 cup? Will Hank be able to get recess back for everyone without getting detention for the rest of his life?
Hank Zipzer; The World's Greatest Underachiever (Prebound) (Book 6)
0756928303 / 9780756928308
8.0 oz.
5.0 x 0.6 in.

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