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The Earth
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Roger Coote
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Knowledge Masters
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Roger Coote

The Earth

Hardcover (Gardner Pub July 1, 2006)
This series studies the natural elements and explains to children the part they play in their lives. This book looks at the earth around us in all its forms - hills, mountains and rocks, cities, woods, valleys and fields of growing crops. It also looks at all the things which live on the earth - plants, flowers and trees, fish, animals and birds, and people. The book includes a section for teachers and parents with notes on how to use the book with pre-readers and first readers and suggestions for discussion topics. Roger Coote has written a number of other Firefly titles, including those in the "My World", "Journeys", "Habitats", and "Journey through History" series.
Knowledge Masters
1842399128 / 9781842399125
11.2 oz.
8.5 x 0.5 in.

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