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The Adventures of Little Mouse

James Albert Barnes, Jr., Ph.D.

The Adventures of Little Mouse

Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform April 11, 2017)

Pre-teens, teens, young adults and older folks too will fall in love with Little Mouse as he uses logic and scientific thinking to save his home from destruction.

Little Mouse is respected throughout his woodland home for his good character and logical thinking skills. When a boulder threatens his home, Little Mouse uses his brain to solve the problem. It won’t be easy, but Little Mouse will discover that the simplest machine can make all the difference when moving heavy objects. His ingenious solution could save not only his home but also the smallest of the smallest animals in his neck of the woods.

Little Mouse’s adventures will have children and adults asking themselves, “What would Little Mouse do?” They will learn how to confront situations with logic, perseverance, and pluck. It’s the Little Mice of the world that will make our future brighter. So encourage your own big thinker(s) with this charming story.

The Little Mouse the Mouse series is for adults to read and enjoy, and then share with young people. Wonderful books if you like humor, wit, surprises, fanciful plots, and suspense, and would like a roadmap of life while removing roadblocks that get in the way.

One of the brightest points in the educational career of the author came when a former student contacted him two decades later. She had never forgotten Little Mouse, and now she wanted to read the story to her own children. Barnes is publishing The Adventures of Little Mouse to inspire the next generation.

Readers report that this book is fun, humorous, and profound.

The Little Mouse the Mouse Series
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