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Age 12+
Grade 7-9

Eleanora Tate

The Secret of Gumbo Grove

Mass Market Paperback (Laurel Leaf Oct. 1, 1988)
Raisin Stackhouse doesn't mind doing odd jobs for old Miss Effie Pfluggins, but when Miss Effie talks her into cleaning up the old church cemetery, she has no idea what trouble she might dig up. Mama says Miss Effie talks much too much, but Raisin loves hearing her remember the old days--especially when one of her stories puts Raisin smack in the middle of real-life mystery.

When Raisin is grounded for sneaking a night out, she not only misses her chance to compete in the Miss Ebony Pageant, but her efforts to uncover the famous person buried in the cemetery are brought to a half, too. Somehow Raisin's got to solve the big mystery no one in town wants to talk about. Will her discovery bring her glory, or is the past better off left buried?
Laurel-Leaf Books
9780440227 / 9780440227168
3.2 oz.
4.2 x 0.6 in.

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