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The Great Forensic Challenge

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Age 9+
Grade 4-6

Clint Twist

The Great Forensic Challenge

Game (B.E.S. Publishing Sept. 1, 2005)
Here's a fun-filled crime detection kit for kids, a four-box package designed to test their reasoning skills and their attentiveness to details. Each box focuses on a different aspect of forensic science and contains its own instruction mini-book—

  • Box 1: Reconstruction of a crime scene, including collecting evidence, dusting for fingerprints, making diagrams of the scene, and more
  • Box 2: Identification of suspects, including comparing witness's statements, comparing facial features using biometric measurements, examining documents, and more
  • Box 3: Investigation of footprints and tire tracks, matching shreds of torn clothing, lifting fingerprints from difficult surfaces, and more
  • Box 4: Analysis of soil scraped from shoes, of DNA samples, of bullets and shell-casings to identify the weapons they came from, and more

    Children will confront more than 20 different hypothetical crimes to solve, but they'll also get instruction on how to go about the process of detection in a methodical manner that gives them accurate results. When their investigations are completed they can check their solutions against printed answers provided in the back of The Criminal Files booklet. Components of The Great Forensic Challenge include a crime scene stencil, a fingerprint ink pad, a magnifying square, and sample DNA bar codes printed on acetate sheets. The four 32-page paperback mini-books included in each box describe crime scenes and give crime detection instructions. Included in the main box is an album that kids can use to identify perpetrators of each crime.
  • ISBN
    0764178261 / 9780764178269
    28.8 oz.
    9.2 x 2.0 in.

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