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Fluffy Meets the Groundhog

Age 4+
Grade PK+

Kate McMullan, Mavis Smith

Fluffy Meets the Groundhog

School & Library Binding (Tandem Library Dec. 15, 2001)
This year, Fluffy stands in for the groundhog, who is too timid to make his annual appearance. Happy Groundpig Day, Fluffy!When Fluffy stumbles upon a strange den, he finds himself face to face with one very shy groundhog. With people and cameras waiting above the hole for a weather prediction, Fluffy thinks of a great idea to save Groundhog Day--and get some attention, too!
Fluffy the Classroom Guinea Pig
0613513037 / 9780613513036
7.5 oz.
9.3 x 6.0 in.

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