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The Saga of Erik the Viking

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Terry Jones, Michael Foreman

The Saga of Erik the Viking

Paperback (Puffin Books Jan. 1, 1985) , New Ed Edition
Mr. Jones makes clear at the outset is that this work is intended to acquaint young readers with the excitement, adventure and majesty of the tales of Iceland. In this, it seems to me that the author has succeeded admirably. The stories are told in a crisp and clear style, with just a touch of the ambiguity and mystery that informs so many myth cycles. There is physical adventure, battle and bravery, but also human frailty and doubt as Erik and his men embark on their perilous sail into the unknown. As is fitting, there are plenty of enchantments, monsters, dragons, and magics of all sorts. This is ripping stuff, and the balance between straight adventure and human emotion introduces the young reader to both the obvious attractions and entertainments of mythical stories and the more subtle rewards of reading and thinking about great odysseys. Because the book is constructed as an interrelated series of short chapters it can be read through as a single episodic tale or broken up for bedtime reading or to suit the convenience or skill level of a younger reader. - from Bob Pop
Puffin Books
0140317139 / 9780140317138
16.8 oz.
7.68 x 0.39 in.

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