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The North Wind and the Sun: Fables

Age 5-11
Grade 1-3

Dona Herweck Rice

The North Wind and the Sun: Fables

Paperback (Teacher Created Materials Nov. 15, 2008) , 1 edition
Act out this story of a bet between the north wind and the sun. The two argue over who is the most powerful and make a bet to see who can get a traveler to remove his cloak with their power. The harsh north wind tries its best with powerful force, but fails. The sun gently shines down warm beams of light, getting the traveler to remove his cloak quickly and showing the north wind that there is more power and strength in gentleness than in force. This charming script includes six roles that are written at varying reading levels, supporting differentiation and English language learner strategies. Teachers can implement differentiation strategies to assign roles to students based on their individual reading levels. This helpful feature is an easy way for teachers to get all of their students involved and engaged in an activity. All students will gain confidence and feel successful while building fluency, regardless of their current reading ability. This script also features a song and poem relating to the story. Through performing this story together, students will practice valuable skills like interacting cooperatively, reading aloud, and using expressive voices and gestures. All of the features in this dynamic, leveled script make it a great resource for an entire classroom of young readers.
Building Fluency through Reader's Theater
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