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Smithsonian Dig It: Ocean Treasures

Age 8-12
Grade 3-7

Emily Rose Oachs

Smithsonian Dig It: Ocean Treasures

Paperback (Silver Dolphin Books June 25, 2019)
Learn about prehistoric sea creatures and the fossils they’ve left behind!

From tide pools to coral reefs, Smithsonian Dig It: Ocean Treasures includes everything kids need for an adventure in excavation. This kit covers ocean habitats today, and prehistoric creatures and fossils that reveal what the oceans were like millions of years ago. After reading the 64-page book, children can hang up their giant poster, then really dig in! Using the two included tools, children can excavate the gypsum brick in search of four replica seashell fossils. This hands-on kit is a unique way of learning about the formation and history of Earth’s oceans.
Smithsonian Dig It
1684123208 / 9781684123209
32.0 oz.
7.8 x 1.9 in.

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