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Suddenly Supernatural: Scaredy Kat

Age 8-12
Grade 3-7

Elizabeth Cody Kimmel

Suddenly Supernatural: Scaredy Kat

Paperback (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers Sept. 14, 2010) , Reprint edition
Kat can see spirits, but what's even worse is the fact that spirits can also see her, especially the exceptionally needy ones. As this medium-in-training discovers, having an entourage of dead people can be kind of overwhelming-and a tad scary. So when an exploration of the abandoned house next door leads Kat and her best friend on a search for a missing boy, Kat's not sure if she wants to help--or even if she can.

Elizabeth Cody Kimmel's second Suddenly Supernatural book reminds readers that some things are even scarier than surviving middle school.

Suddenly Supernatural (2) (Book 2)
0316087459 / 9780316087452
7.2 oz.
5.2 x 1.0 in.

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