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Nature's Green Umbrella
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Gail Gibbons
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Mulberry Books
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Gail Gibbons

Nature's Green Umbrella

Paperback (Collins April 24, 1997) , Reprint edition

A lushly illustrated introduction to one of the world's most complicated ecosystems, the rain forest, from Washington Post/Children’s Book Guild Award winner Gail Gibbons

Nature's Green Umbrella continues to inspire an interest in rain forests among young readers. Whether in the classroom or the home, kids enjoy exploring the colorful detailed drawings of animals and plants, all clearly labeled.

In a tropical rain forest, as much as 240 inches of rain may fall in a single year. Beneath the treetop canopy, the rain forest bursts with plant and animal life. But only if we know how important rain forests are to the whole world will we truly understand the need to protect them.

Through colorful illustrations and interesting text, this book discusses the climate, plants, and animals that make up a tropical rain forest.

"A scientifically accurate book which depicts the complex world of rain forests in easily understood text and sumptuous illustrations. The geography, climate and ecology of the rain forest are explained and the illustrations teem with the flora and fauna."—Children's Literature

Mulberry Books
0688154115 / 9780688154110
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